What is Cyclone?

Cyclone is a powerful workflow engine and end-to-end pipeline solution implemented with native Kubernetes resources, with no extra dependencies. It can run anywhere Kubernetes is deployed: public cloud, on-prem or hybrid cloud.


Key Features

DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph) scheduling

Cyclone supports DAG workflow execution


Stage (unit of execution) can be parameterized to maximize configuration reuse

External integration

External systems like SCM, docker registry, S3 can be easily integrated with Cyclone


Cyclone supports both cron and webhook triggers


Workflow execution can be paused, resumed, retried or cancelled


Workflow can be executed in different clusters from where Cyclone is running


Resource manifests and workflow executions are grouped and isolated per tenant

Garbage Collection

Automatic resource cleanup after workflow execution


Logs are persisted and independent from workflow lifecycle, enabling offline inspection

Built-in Pipeline

Curated DAG templates and stage runtimes for running DevOps pipelines for both regular software and AI development

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